Sequrex Life Sciences Consulting profile

Sequrex Life Sciences Consulting was founded by dr. Gerben Zondag, and offers independent and professional support to parties active in the field of Life Sciences. Gerben studied Chemical Technology at the TU Delft, Biochemistry at Leiden University, and received his PhD degree in 1998 from the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. During his PhD studies, he worked on signal transduction of tyrosine kinases/phosphatases and he identified and cloned the first GPCR receptor for sphingosine-1-phosphate. In 2000, following a postdoc position on Ras/Rac signaling, he made the switch to industry when he started working for Pharming Group as a scientist in transgenesis, and later as interim head of the Molecular Biology department. He then moved to work as Manager Operations and Scientific Director for BaseClear, a Leiden-based CRO, where he managed and executed a vast and diverse array of projects, ranging from saturation mutagenesis of industrial enzymes, sequencing of new SARS-like and influenza viruses, gene synthesis development, up to fish genotyping and the ISO 17025 accreditation of DNA profiling. In 2006, he went to become Director of Research for DNage, a company focusing on ageing and associated diseases, and in 2009 he became VP Technology Affairs. Gerben is proficient in R&D project management, obtaining grants, writing of regulatory documents such as orphan drug designation applications, intellectual property management, and in Life Sciences matchmaking. A full resume is available upon request.